About Us

Welcome to Laverapelle, where we are passionate about revolutionizing fashion with our personalized leather jackets. As a manufacturer and retailer of exquisite leather jackets, we have embarked on a mission to redefine the way people experience and acquire their perfect leather attire.

At Laverapelle, we firmly believe that a leather jacket should not only be a fashion statement but also a reflection of your unique personality. That's why we are committed to delivering leather jackets that fit you flawlessly, using only the highest quality leather available. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to create outstanding jackets that exude style, comfort, and durability.

We take pride in introducing a new era of leather jacket shopping—one that empowers you and gives you full control over your wardrobe choices. Our online retail store serves as a hub for leather enthusiasts worldwide, while our custom order division caters to those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you opt for a standard size or provide us with your specific measurements, our skilled craftsmen meticulously tailor each garment to ensure a perfect fit and exceptional quality.

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: "Make it easy for everyone to buy leather jackets of their CHOICE." We strive to break barriers and offer an accessible platform where fashion meets individuality. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we continuously explore innovative ways to connect with you. You can find us not only on our website but also on popular online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, expanding our reach and making it convenient for you to find and purchase your desired leather jacket.

As we grow each year, we remain dedicated to enhancing your shopping experience. We embrace the latest technologies and stay at the forefront of customer engagement through various channels, including social media. Our goal is to make every interaction with us a seamless and enjoyable one, from browsing our collections to receiving your carefully packaged jacket at your doorstep.

Join us on this fashion-forward journey as we redefine the world of leather jackets. Discover the perfect blend of style, craftsmanship, and personalization with Laverapelle.

Why Laverapelle?

Feel the genuinity when wearing a jacket that is specially made for you, and just for you.

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