Shipping / Return Policy


Custom products take around 2 weeks to manufacture.

We usually try to dispatch before that time.

Once shipped it should reach you within 3 to 7 days.

We will update you when shipped.


Where do we ship

We ship all over the world regularly.


Cost of Shipping

FREE shipping all over the world.


Shipping method

We prefer UPS, FedEx and DHL because they are efficient and handle any claims for lost jackets quickly.


Returns and Exchanges Policy

We always recheck the order before dispatching.

One should keep in mind due to the nature of handmade garments the measurements may differ a bit from the actual measurements submitted, this will not differ much, a small percentage margin should be allowed.

From experience we have found out that if you measure yourself according to our instructions you cannot go wrong, you are used to wearing the readymade fit which are made and cut without keeping in mind your measurements.

Leather being a natural material can have uneven color/spots/effects, these natural imperfections are a part of the natural process and cannot be controlled, this is also a proof of real leather being used.

On zipper jackets/vests the zipper slider is mostly on the left.

Please note we cannot control customs duties of your country, duty if any has to be paid by you.

Please send us only unused jackets.  If a jacket does not fit, we want you to exchange it right away. If it is not what you expected please send it back for a refund.  A leather jacket is an item of apparel that will last through many seasons and give a lot of enjoyment over the years. It shouldn't be sitting in the back of your closet. We limit the time of exchange or refund to 30 Days from receipt.


Send back within 30 Days of receipt

Please give us your invoice number and request a refund. As soon as we open the box, we will issue a refund check of all but the freight plus any custom alterations or changes and mail you a receipt.  We would like know the reason for the return, too. It will help us to give you better service. If you need a copy of the invoice, we can e-mail it to you.



Send back within 30 Days of receipt

Please give us your invoice number and request an exchange. As soon as we open the box we will make a new order for you. We will charge or refund the difference to you as soon as we have your new jacket or item ready to ship.  

Many companies increase the retail prices of their merchandise to cover freight back but we do not. We sell to you at our lowest possible price which is why we don't pay freight back.

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